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Sam Lewis

Sam Lewis has been an integral part of our community since 2018 brining us all together through his culinary talents. Sam’s Handmade Bagels, barista coffee and other tempting treats to nosh on whilst at The Deli enhance the religious experience whilst visiting the AHC! Sam’s prepared gourmet quality Beef Bourguignon and other beautiful frozen meals for the home chef cheat bring families together and magnificent buffets help us all celebrate our simchas.  It’s quite a responsibility for a 22 year old, but hospitality runs through his veins and not even a pandemic can put Sam off his stride. In fact it just makes him more determined to work his magic. 

At age 20, Sam arrived in NZ from the UK.  He joined his uncle in running a food truck in West Auckland having previously worked at famous restaurant  Le Gavroche as a chef for the four years prior. Wanting to experience life outside of the family business in a new country, Sam applied to work at Greys Ave Deli under Luties management which he eventually took over.

Early morning breakfasts for minyans, gym goers, school parents, coffees and lunches for local business people and  Bubas, bar and bat mitzvah celebrations, weddings, simchs of all kinds, strengthening teachers resolve to go back into class with a double shot expresso the Rabbi to a congregant with a latka not to mention all the airline meals that welcomed and farewelled the kosher to and from our shores. 

Sam had landed on his feet In this new country which he loved. Then the impossible happened. The C word. No airline meals, no school, shul or pool. The original staff at the deli couldn't stay on full time and Sam became a one man band.. with next to no customers. Sams true passion and experience isn't running a grocery business, nor importing frozen kosher meat from Australia, organising functions or having to pay invoices, employ staff and all those tasks required to run Greys Ave Deli. His true passion is creating great food that brings people together and he’ll do whatever it takes to make sure that’s what he does.

Being resourceful and talented helps of course plus he’s encouraged by the newly found passion has for this country ( and his partner, Sofia!)..  lucky for us, it looks like Sam is here to stay! ( who could imagine the place without him? What a bore!) Macher Sam has done his apprenticeship by hell and brimstone and has survived! He is now fully in control with Gretha from Brazil to attend to front of house and with a few congregants who have come along side Sam and the Deli for moral support. 

So, Community Sam would like to thank you for supporting the one and only kosher deli cafe in New Zealand that he is privileged to run and we are grateful for him doing! It’s wonderful to see  so many people enjoy the food and the community spirit at the deli during these interesting times. Please  keep on coming to visit as we have new streetside and courtyard seating ( with umbrellas and sun cream) and of course fab food and people you know and love! ( and don’t forget to arrange “Yes It’s Kosher” schlep bags for Sam to have delivered  for those that  can’t schmooze outside home at the moment! although you can still access us via AHC website. Watch for more social media , on line ordering and more schlep bags 

Kerry Knight