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The Kosher Deli (Greys Ave Deli)

Cucumber in Brine Pri Chen 3kg

Cucumber in Brine Pri Chen 3kg

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Pri-Chen Cucumbers in Brine Large 3kg

The secret Assali family recipes for preparing pickled vegetables and olives have been passed down from generation to generation. Every Assali family meal or occasion included plates full of these home made delicacies.

In 1980, Mohsen Assali realized that even though he couldn't reveal the family's secret recipes he could offer the products for sale to others. Assali understood that he couldn't meet the demand with his hand made products and began to conceive a concept to blend his family's recipes, decades of expertise, readily available fresh produce, a constant quest for quality, and modern technology into a state of the art manufacturing facility. PRI-CHEN was born.

Now it is a leading Middle Eastern manufacturer of a wide variety of processed, pickled, and canned vegetables. They continue to produce unique and innovative products that are known for both their taste and excellence.


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