Bagel Olympics, volunteers & lime pickle!!!!


Please note the deli will be closed this sunday.  


We had a fun time making some olympic themed bagels this week! 
Don’t forget that our GIVEAWAY ends tomorrow at 2pm. Imagine wining a month’s supply of BAGELS!!!!! 😁

Click HERE to enter! 


As we’ve mentioned in the last few blogs the AUS shipment is coming.
Due to Covid delays in Melbourne we expect to receive the goods by the end of next week 🤞
We need some volunteers to kindly help process the stock and get all the products into the deli in an efficient time. 
Click HERE to sign up and of course free coffee & a bagel! 


With only 1 month until the High Holidays begin we need to start taking pre orders for frozen round plain & raisin challah from Wellington to ensure we have the correct amount.

Click HERE to pre-order FROZEN uncooked round challah

Please note the final day for ordering FROZEN uncooked will be 12th August.  

Freshly baked round challah will be available to pre order from next week. 

Community Deli Kitchen

This week featuring Robin Münch

Whenever Robin comes to Auckland from Coromandel Town we get so excited as she always brings fantastic home-grown organic produce. 

Last week was a little bit different as I got to try some of Robin's homemade lime pickle which was absolutely fantastic and packed with flavour. I’m so glad that Robin has agreed with me that this recipe will be perfect as our first community deli kitchen product. 

The limes are currently being gently processed and the pickle should be ready for sale within the next few weeks. Keep an eye next week for an update! 

Shabbat Shalom 

The Kosher Deli Team 

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