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Shavuon 10/12/2020

Chanukkah Sameach from all the team at The Kosher Deli! 

Hanukkah Dinner Wednesday 16 December from 6pm 
 A  Candlelight  courtyard , wafting summer music, a glass of wine  and dozens of latkes!
 Come join us.  Make up a table of 8 to 10  and join Auckland and New Zealand's best Hanukkah party. 

Delicious Latkes & Sufganiyot 

Order through our website and select a collection date!

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Upcoming closures 

The deli will be closed from 1pm on Wednesday 23rd December and fully reopen on Monday 18th January 

We will be open on Sunday 3rd January and Sunday 10th January from 9am - 11 am for groceries only!

Some of our favourites!