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The Kosher Deli (Greys Ave Deli)

Moroccan Shabbat Dinner

Moroccan Shabbat Dinner

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Heating instructions:

Soup: remove from container and gently heat in a saucepan until hot. Adjust seasoning to your preference.

Main: Pre-heat oven to 160° and reheat for 15 to 20 minutes or until piping hot

Allergens throughout the whole meal below. 

  • Sesame
  • Wheat
  • Egg
  • Nuts



Collection Friday 8th October 10am-12pm 

Each meal serves one person 

Start: Spiced Moroccan vegetable soup with chickpeas, coriander, lemon + house Za’atar challah rolls

Main: Slow roasted beef Tagine, herby couscous with citrus & pomegranate + cumin spiced carrots

Dessert: Pistachio & cardamon cake + fresh orange


*donated meals will be distributed to a community member in need 

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